Brexit and business - are you ready? We know it's key for organisations across Scotland, including our clients, to be preparing their business for Brexit as we approach the 31st January. When we asked over 250 Scottish business leaders, in our Business Research White Paper, how prepared they were pre-Brexit, we found that many businesses did need guidance in getting ready.

Our dedicated Brexit Group can help you. We've legal experts in all business areas to guide you through the changing pre-Brexit trading and commerical landscape.

We've a wealth of information here on our Brexit Hub, including our Business Checklist which will help you prepare. We also have an explanation of how WTO tariffs work and we can help you to apply for a Brexit Support Grant. Our team has the genuine knowledge, insight and commercial awareness to make a difference for you.

Our Brexit legal advice includes immigration law and employment, commercial contracts, transport and logistics, commercial real estate and all aspects of rural land and business management.

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Our Brexit research

The EU market and workforce is key to our Scottish business leaders. This is what our market research survey, of over 250 Scottish businesses and organisations, has uncovered alongside business confidence pre-Brexit. Our survey launched in April 2019 has uncovered how prepared Scottish business’ really are and what they think may happen to the economy and turnover given the potential Brexit scenarios.  We carried out the survey to understand the challenges and opportunities facing our business leaders in the run up to Brexit and beyond. You can read our White Paper – Taking the temperature of Scottish business pre-Brexit here.

A key part of our commercial focus on Brexit is knowing what Scottish businesses are thinking and understanding our clients’ needs from our own bespoke research to analysis on the government white paper on immigration to following key business groups for the most up to date practical advice from British industry.

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Our Brexit Team

We have a team of Brexit experts running events and client updates who are skilled in advising the business community in Scotland and those across the UK and internationally who do business with us.

We’ll be on hand to help you understand the developments affecting employment and recruitment, transport and logistics, commercial contracts and much more.