Building business resilience in challenging times. We know it's key for businesses across Scotland to deal with what’s happening right now post-Brexit and with the continuing Covid-19 pandemic, as well as eventually turning back to the longer term issues which can affect business as usual.

We’re here to help. Our Business Hub includes insights, updates, podcasts and other useful information to help your business be as resilient as it can be in these most difficult of times, including: 

  • Employment and HR
  • Contracts
  • Director and shareholder matters
  • Financial issues
  • Disputes
  • Data and information security

Our dedicated Business Resilience Group can help you navigate your way through the changing landscape which the Coronavirus, Brexit and our response to these is bringing, including advice on contracts, employment and what you need in building a longer term plan for resilience. We've legal experts in all business areas to guide you through the changing trading and commercial landscape.

We're here to help in these difficult times. We’ve a wealth of information here on our Business Hub to help you identify the things you may need to plan for. We can also help you to apply for grants, navigate new rules and regulations and talk to you about business support to get you through the developing events. And if you need help and information about your personal legal affairs, we have a section including useful articles on wills, power of attorney and family law at the bottom of this page.

Contact our Business Resilience Group Lead Neil Amner or the relevant member of our team.

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For your personal legal affairs

Your personal legal affairs

In these challenging times, our full service approach to law means that we can answer all of your questions and give guidance across many aspects of family life and business life. Our ‘For You’ service includes useful guidance and updates on all aspects of private client and family law, and we’re here to help.

Whether you need to review your will, set up a power of attorney or get on top of your life admin, this area of our Hub gives helpful updates on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ for your own personal affairs through the time of Covid-19 and beyond. Read our updates below:

Now is the right time to grant a power of attorney

Making time for making a will

Legal guardian and godparents, what's the differenece?

Family Law launches online clinic during the Covid-19 pandemic

We’re here and talking to our clients and customers over the phone, we can give a pro bono initial assessment of your needs, and, where relevant, recommend one of our Private Client experts where further help is needed. We are all working swiftly to support you through rapidly changing events.

Contact Carole Tomlinson, Alasdair Johnstone or John Peutherer or one of our private client lawyers for further information and download a copy of our For You brochure here.

Podcast series - Clear Talking

Building business resilience

In rapidly changing and challenging times for businesses and individuals, we know that talking or listening to others can be helpful in gaining new information and a new perspective on what’s happening.


In our Clear Talking podcast series we chat to guest speakers about what matters to them and what matters to all of us during these challenging times. We’re here to help bring new ideas and useful information for both businesses and individuals through lockdown and beyond.

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