An update on the Scottish Private Residential Tenancy

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15 November 2017

Our article of 24 October 2017 advised that the new Private Residential Tenancy (“PRT”) goes live on 1 December 2017 replacing the Assured or Short Assured Tenancy as the vehicle for the leasing of private residential property in Scotland.

The Model Tenancy Agreement is now available to download on the website.

If a landlord chooses to use the Model Tenancy Agreement the lease will populate itself from the information submitted. The completed lease can then be downloaded in PDF or Word format.

Certain clauses are mandatory and appear in bold text; others are discretionary and can be amended. The text is interactive and will guide users through the section, highlighting where users have the opportunity to amend or add to the text. Landlords may wish to familiarise themselves with the Model Tenancy Agreement pending its introduction on 1 December and create practice versions of leases to see the system in operation.

The use of the Model Tenancy Agreement is not mandatory and landlords may use their own style of tenancy agreement as long as it contains all of the statutory terms. 

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