Anderson Strathern launches HR Plus – our solution to employers’ legal problems

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11 July 2018

We’ve launched a new employment law solution for businesses who need some HR support to deal with employment issues. HR Plus allows us to deploy a range of employer and employment law skills in a bespoke and proportionate way as a response to the needs of our business clients.

We’ve found that many organisations and businesses would like to have some ‘on the ground’ practical support to help them deal with employment issues which arise in the day to day, or where bigger issues suddenly emerge. Some simply need an investigation to be undertaken by a professional who is external to the organisation – for instance, for the purposes of demonstrating independence in the process, or because their own managers are reluctant or maybe because their own HR teams are too busy at the time or they don’t have a dedicated HR team.

So we’ve recruited an HR Business Partner, Julie Tannahill, to join our Employment Team. By putting Julie into the range of employment law services we offer, we can deliver an HR consultancy service plus Julie will have access to our team of specialist employment lawyers, as well as to the other specialists in the firm for areas such as GDPR, tax, health and safety and immigration.

HR Plus will ensure that Julie delivers a joined up service focused on clients’ needs.

How can HR Plus help you?

Julie has already been instructed by clients to attend their sites to investigate alleged misconduct, to investigate grievances and to explore working relationships to identify where failure might be occurring. And Julie has been seconded to a manufacturing client whose managers simply have not had time to conduct return to work interviews or to speak with absentees; which has reduced the number of individuals who are reaching trigger points.

All of this has allowed Julie to be the conduit for legal advice and to translate that advice into practical action points which she can deliver for the organisation; and, most importantly, her presence there has allowed management time to be freed up to run the business.

Partner Andrew Brown said:

“We’re very pleased to launch this service, and work with Julie to provide our clients with a comprehensive HR offering, and access to a wealth of employment law expertise.”