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    21 August 2019

    In August we partnered with Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) to host a briefing on ‘Hydrogen for Net Zero’. Bringing together key speakers from the UK Committee on Climate Change and Scottish Government on the potential role for Green and Blue Hydrogen in delivering the Scottish Government’s ambition for Net Zero emissions by 2045.

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    The briefing explored Scottish Energy Strategy, together with the recent report in May 2019 by the UK CCC on Net Zero – The UK’s contribution to stopping global warming and the immediate response from the Scottish Government with their revised target for a Net Zero Scotland by 2045.
    Speakers included:

    • Bruce Farquhar, Anderson Strathern: Welcome & opening comments

    • David Joffe, UK Committee on Climate Change: Hydrogen for Net Zero

    • Scottish Government Speaker

    • Alan James, Pale Blue Dot: Scaling up Blue Hydrogen with the Acorn project

    • Jon Clipsham, EMEC Hydrogen: Scaling up with Green Hydrogen on Orkney

    • Neil Amner, Anderson Strathern: Logistics & Infrastructure Opportunities

    Hydrogen will play a key role in delivering the Net Zero ambitions for low carbon integrated power, heat, industry, and mobility as part of the clean Energy Transition for Scotland.

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