Business Resilience Checklist for Covid-19

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25 March 2020

As the impact of the Coronavirus continues to affect every area of life, we’ve produced a Business Resilience Checklist to help you work through the key areas of your business which may need attention during the current pandemic and the response to it here in Scotland.

Your business will have its own circumstances and specific challenges and this checklist will help you identify matters to think about and prioritise the steps you are taking.  

We are also providing topic specific advice, insights and updates on the areas referred to in the checklist on our Business Hub. Read below our checklist summary and download our full Business Resilience Checklist here

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Your people

Risk - have you carried out a risk assessment to identify any specific risks for your staff from the Coronavirus and its impact?

Update - your policies and procedures and brief staff

Job Retention Scheme – have you considered the application of this?

Read our insight on the Job Retention Scheme


Response - have you adjusted the way you conduct business in response to the pandemic?

Senior leadership group - an overview of the business and the way it may be affected is necessary

Identify - replacement staff or reallocation of duties to cover key roles?


Regular communication - with your staff to provide briefings and updates as the situation develops

Test -  your business contingency plan / disaster recovery messaging?

Customers - are you communicating with your wider customer base on a regular basis?

Technology and Data

Software licences - do you have sufficient licences for all the applications your staff will be using?

Policies - have you reviewed your IT and Data Security policies?

Training - have you provided suitable training to your staff?

Cash flow

Support - have you researched your eligibility for UK and / or Scottish Government business support measures? Do you understand how to apply? Have you done so?

Debt recovery - are you being proactive in recovering debts, or negotiating payment of outstanding balances in instalments?

Obligations - do you understand your obligations as a director in relation to director’s liabilities and wrongful trading?

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In relation to your key customer and supplier contracts:

Payments - what are the payment, interest and default?

Flexibility - how much flexibility on delivery or performance is there?

Force Majeure - do you understand the concept of force majeure and how it may apply to your contracts?

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Risk coverage - have you checked the insured risk coverage under the various insurance policies your business holds?

Terms - have you checked the detailed terms of those policies for exclusions, excesses and limits of liability?

Claims - are you able to claim for losses suffered or expenses incurred as a result of the pandemic?


Access - have you / your landlord modified access arrangements to your premises? Can you still access your premises?

Security - if you have had to close business premises, are they suitably secure?

Rates relief - are you eligible for rates relief? Have you applied?

Regulatory matters

Licensing - does your business as a whole or any aspect of its operations or its staff require any form of licence, authorisation or professional qualification to operate?

Legal status - do you understand the legal status and the enforceability of guidance and instructions applicable to your business from the government and other bodies?

Compliance - are you still able to operate your business in compliance with the applicable regulatory conditions?

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Emerging situation – we’re here to help

Download our full Business Resilience checklist here.  If you’d like to discuss any concerns in relation to any of the above questions, which relate to your business and how you should respond, please contact our Business Resilience Lead Neil Amner, one of the Business Resilience Team or your usual contact at the firm.

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