Charity Service Breakfast Seminar - Sign up for Sector updates

    22 August 2019

    Edinburgh Office, 1 Rutland Court, Edinburgh, EH3 8EY

    9am - 10.30am Free

    Our latest Charity Service breakfast seminar was hosted in partnership with AAB. Expert speakers delivered top tips providing all you need to know about safeguarding and reserves planning for leading your organisation.

    Our in-house expert Victoria Simpson provided some practical tips for your safeguarding procedures, managing the reputational aspects of safeguarding and promoting good practice.

    Elaine Parr from AAB explained how a reserves policy is an essential internal tool for financial management and goes far beyond annual reporting. Covering how reserves differ from funds, key factors to consider when setting a reserves policy, the importance of regular reviews of your policy and levels and how best to report on reserves in your Trustees' Annual Report.

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