Employment Law Workshops 2019: Our next workshop on Equality and Diversity takes place in Glasgow in May

    21 May 2019

    We run a comprehensive annual programme of Employment Law Workshops suitable for HR managers or professionals with responsibility for dealing with people management within their organisation.

    Throughout 2019 our half-day workshops will cover:

    Immigration and Brexit implications: Employment Law Workshop

    Edinburgh: Thursday 21 February

    Equality and Diversity: Employment Law Workshop

    Glasgow - Tuesday 21 May

    Identifying the differences between the two; unconscious bias and stereotyping; the conflict between different protected characteristics and how to deal with them; and an understanding that promoting a diverse workforce is beneficial to employers and employees alike.

    Performance Management: Employment Law Workshop

    Edinburgh - Wednesday 12 June

    GDPR: Where are we now? Employment Law Workshop

    Glasgow - Wednesday 11 September

    Recruitment and Retention: Employment Law Workshop

    Edinburgh - Wednesday 13 November

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