Performing Arts Conference - Bringing together the best of the arts and business

    13 August 2019

    Edinburgh Office, 1 Rutland Court, Edinburgh, EH3 8EY

    9am - 1.30pm Free

    It’s been a year of developments for the performing arts sector, particularly highlighting the importance of reputation management, protecting your creative work and equality and diversity.

    We've joined forces with the Federation of Scottish Theatre to bring you talks from leading experts in the performing arts world and our in-house team who are more than just experts in the legal world, each with a keen interest and linkage to the arts world therefore understanding the needs of the sector.

    Barry Nichol, a Partner in our Employment Team will explore the key issues of equality and diversity and  the impact of the 'Me too' movement. Barry is currently a board member of Arts and Business Scotland (and previously vice chair of Imaginate’s board) and has practical experience of the issues that face performing arts organisations.
    Aimee Scullion, a Senior Solicitor in our Corporate Team, will explore Intellectual Property, including how to protect copyright and design rights. With experience managing commercial dance troupes as both a choreographer and performer she readily understands the commercial and practical challenges of a performer and creator.
    Catriona Watt, a Partner and head of our Professional Regulation Team and will explore the importance of Reputation Management.  As an experienced professional print, radio and television journalist she will advise on what to do if things go wrong in a practical and informative way.
    Victoria Simpson, a Director and our Head of Charities is also a performer with the RTO (Really Terrible Orchestra) will explore safeguarding and how best to equip your business for this.  Looking at practical tips for safeguarding procedures and promoting good practice.

    The Conference will be held at our Edinburgh office on Tuesday 13 August and you'll also have the chance to hear from Jude Henderson, Director and Liam Sinclair, Co-Chair from the Federation of Scottish Theatre; as well as, Chief Executive of Arts and Business Scotland, David Watt, who’ll provide insights into the performing arts funding and fundraising context in Scotland.
    If you'd like to join us for this inaugural conference please sign up below by Thursday 1 August.

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