Taking the temperature of Scottish business – pre-Brexit

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07 March 2019

Our research launch - 20th March, Edinburgh at 9:30am

We've been busy taking the temperature of Scottish business; asking enterprises across Scotland what they really think about Brexit and beyond.

We’re launching the results in a Brexit Whitepaper to clients and business leaders on the 20th March. Join our conversation as we uncover the latest trends on how Brexit may be affecting Scottish enterprises - the challenges and the opportunities: register here.

Our independent research involving 250 Scottish businesses was especially commissioned close to the scheduled Brexit date of 29th March to provide real insight about where our business leaders are at this time. We think it provides a unique perspective on the many areas Brexit may affect business including:

  • Immigration
  • Trade
  • The economy
  • Contingency planning

Whatever the Brexit deal – or even if there is no deal at all – we feel that every area of our business and our clients’ business is touched by Brexit. We understand there are both concerns and opportunities for Scottish enterprises in the run up to and after Brexit to maintain ‘business as usual’. Insights from our survey will identify the current trends and common ground across our SMEs and larger enterprises.

Taking the temperature of Scottish Business pre-Brexit

Date: 20th March

Time: 9.30am-11.00am

Location: Edinburgh

Business leaders and our clients can sign up to attend the launch below,

Register here