‘Brexit’ – the decision that the UK will leave the EU following the outcome of the referendum which took place on 23 June 2016 – has profound consequences for our people, our economy, our political leaders and the UK’s place in the world, as well as the European Union. As a treaty based organisation the European Union influences not only our economy, through trade and development, but the way we are governed, the way our rights are protected, our environment and many other aspects of our daily lives.

Our Brexit Group

In response to the risks and opportunities inherent to this complex, international regulatory process, and in response to client demand for scenario planning, we have set up a dedicated Brexit Group made up of expert lawyers from across all the specialist areas of the firm.

We are giving industry-leading advice and ensuring that our clients have an opportunity to collaborate in sharing views and experiences. The dedicated Brexit team will inform clients in the weeks and months ahead. Whatever your area of business or concern, our team will be able to assist with genuine knowledge, insight and commercial awareness.

We are producing regular e-bulletins on all things Brexit and running a series of events for clients and business associates. We want our clients’ voices to be heard as part of this process.

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Every area of our business and your business is touched by Brexit. The constitutional implications also have an impact on key areas of government, business and the public sector. We can help with advice on everything from employment to energy, education to healthcare, finance, inward investment, governance and government, property development and investment to tax, regulation and compliance, intellectual property and information technology to tax and all rural land and property issues.

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