Piloting an organisation through its formation, or restructuring an existing entity, the choices of form, reporting lines and delegated powers and responsibilities can be very daunting. Our team of specialist lawyers will be on the bridge with you, helping you set the best course.

We are experienced in advising every sort of public, private or third sector body, on all aspects of governance. We have assisted stakeholders engage in open conversations about strategic planning, how they will address the maelstrom of challenges they face, where they want to be and how we are going to get there together. We have learned that these conversations are best conducted, not as a dance of opposites, fuelled by self-interest or point-scoring, but as heartfelt dialogues to collectively create and deliver a common vision for the future.

We have studied what has gone wrong in organisations. Inquiries, for example into healthcare and financial sector disasters, reached uncannily similar conclusions. Reports identified a lack of strategy, leadership and delivery. They described negative cultures and a lack of openness and candour. Often senior management was seen as autocratic or ineffective. The wrong things were measured with a focus on inappropriate targets. Poor standards, poor reporting, poor housekeeping and poor risk management were tolerated. Whistle-blowing was discouraged.

We will work with you in creating sustainable governance structures which support your objectives, which are transparent, agile, durable, efficient and effective. We will endeavour to maximise your resources and  the potential of all your people, so accountability is assured and all your compliance requirements, for example in relation to charitable status and data protection, are satisfied. Our approach recognises that often the way we decide things is as important for deliverability and outcomes, as what we decide. Sometimes traditional forms of decision-making need revision.

We want to help you find innovative solutions, make things work better and make a difference.

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