We are witnessing a level of political debate, engagement and constitutional change never before experienced in this country. There is now a vision shared across the political spectrum of a respectful Scotland, where individuals and communities can flourish, sustainable economic growth is generated and our diversity is celebrated. The more successful Scotland's economy is, the better funded and better quality our public services will be. That collective vision recognises that our wellbeing is enhanced when individuals, workplaces and communities participate in taking informed decisions about our futures. These objectives sit at the heart of open and accountable government, freedom of information and the promotion of  human rights. The essence of government is therefore to protect the individual rights of the citizen and to promote the collective interests of all the nation’s people.  

Of course, it is in the realm of politics that the forks in the road appear about how these common objectives are to be delivered and what the priorities should be.  And we are lawyers not lobbyists. We advise governments, departments, executive agencies, authorities and NDPBs on their powers and duties. We also advise those who independently monitor the actions of the state and those who seek to challenge the legality of administrative action, including by judicial review, on the grounds of irrationality, unreasonableness and arbitrariness. We draft, promote and interpret legislation. We support witnesses in giving evidence before parliamentary committees and have regularly given evidence on matters where we can provide an independent legal view. We participate in cross-party groups on issues of significance to our clients. We have been involved on matters where even the legislative competence of parliaments has come under scrutiny, including where the Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights and Freedoms have been thought to be in jeopardy. We have negotiated agreements between public bodies and commercial entities so the benefits of collaboration can be maximised. Many of our people have worked in government, central and local and in our parliaments. Whatever your requirements are in the context of government and the law, we are here to guide you along the path.

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