Intellectual Property & Technology is a subject of ever increasing importance to business and to the economy and it is now a major consideration in virtually every deal, transaction or project.  Although much of the media focus on the rise of large technology and social media companies, the fact is that all businesses have IP to protect and exploit.

Different types of IP rights protect different types of subject matter: for example patents for inventions, trade marks for brands, designs for appearance, and copyright for artistic, literary, musical and dramatic works (which could include anything from photographs, website content, sales and marketing copy to software).

A common theme, however, is that all IP rights in essence confer legal protection upon the results of intellectual or creative endeavour, for the benefit of either those responsible for it, or those whose investment made it possible.  Fundamentally, they confer a monopoly right on the IP owner by placing a legal prohibition on certain types of activity which may not be undertaken without the owner’s consent. This allows the IP owner to either carry out the activity itself without others free riding on its ideas or investment, or to exploit the IP through licensing the IP to others and being paid a royalty.

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Our Intellectual Property & Technology Team provides you with a solution driven service in a truly comprehensive range of industries including creative industries, IT based businesses, internet and social media businesses, retail businesses, manufacturing businesses, petrochemicals industry, software and technology businesses, service industries, academia, research and development, renewable energy and telecommunications. 

We help you develop, protect, exploit and commercialise your intellectual capital.  We also deal with contentious Intellectual Property & Technology issues, for example suing someone who’s infringing your IP, or defending you against someone claiming that you’re infringing their IP.

We do this by really trying to get to know you and your business.  We’re experienced, professional, knowledgeable, responsive and approachable. We’re clear and up front about what we can do for you and how much it will cost. We get you where you want to be.

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