Local Government is facing unprecedented challenges. The increasing pressure on public sector budgets along with some of the most far reaching public sector reform in decades has resulted in local authorities requiring to fundamentally change the way they deliver their services.

Over the past few years, the centralisation of the delivery of fire and police services along with the introduction of health and social care partnerships (where local government and the NHS jointly have the responsibility to start shifting from hospital care to care at home and care in the community) along with the aspirations of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 has resulted in local government having to rethink its delivery model.

The options for local authorities in meeting this challenge will be to take a more strategic and long term approach and a greater openness to alternative forms of service delivery. As the service deliver models have become more complex it is necessary for legal advisers to the sector to have a detailed knowledge understanding of all aspects of the law as it affects local authorities.

Our local government team provide a full service to a number of local authorities which means that we are aware of every aspect of your business and therefore have an inherent understanding of your legal requirement and the political, social and commercial challenges that you face. This understanding gives our teams the skills to work with you in innovating whilst ensuring that such innovation stands up to public scrutiny.

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