In recent years the growing costs, delays and the inherent risks associated with the court system have lead to many clients looking for alternative ways to resolve their disputes.  Many would prefer to reach an agreement rather than to have someone impose a solution.  In mediation, parties are given the chance to discuss what really matters to them and have those issues addressed as part of the solution.

In today’s business world, where relationships with clients, customers and service users can very often be more important than the value of a single transaction, when things go wrong it can be more important to rebuild the relationship than to prove who was 'in the right'.  That means that more and more clients and their lawyers look to use mediation to solve their problems in a way that addresses more than just the recovery of money or the assertion of rights that the court system is designed to deliver.

At Anderson Strathern we believe in trying to find ways to resolve issues quickly and efficiently using whatever tools we have available to do that. Mediation is one of those tools.

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