Tax will be an ever-present issue throughout the lifetime of your business from its initial set-up through to it being passed down to the next generation, sold or wound-up. Business taxation is constantly changing and it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to keep on track with their businesses’ tax compliance and reporting obligations. 

The proper management of your business’s tax affairs combined with pro-active tax planning could play a significant part in its future success. Our tax specialists (including six chartered tax advisers) and Accounts and Business Support team are here to help support you and your business through every stage of its evolution.


With a new business idea, we help it take root and grow. We are able to provide specialist tax advice on the various types of business structure you could adopt (e.g. sole-trader, limited company, general partnership, limited liability partnership, etc..) and also the ownership of the business. 


Our tax specialists are able to provide you with pro-active planning advice on the acquisition, ownership and disposal of any type of assets by your business. The best time to seek advice is at the start of a transaction or project in order to maximise the potential options and resulting tax benefits. 

We are able to advise you on the tax-efficient extraction of profits from your business and also on effective remuneration planning to help retain, incentivise and reward your employees. 


The transfer, sale or winding-up of your business could trigger substantial tax charges. Effective tax planning advice could reduce, defer or even eliminate any tax liability. 

We are able to provide you with advice on how to maximise the availability of certain tax reliefs on the disposal of your business, including the effective use of capital gains tax (CGT) entrepreneur’s relief, rollover relief and reinvestment relief depending on your business and personal circumstances.

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