Expert advice on how to plan for the protection of and the future ownership of assets is a cornerstone of the work we do with our individual private clients and families. Whether it be helping families preserve, grow and protect generational wealth or guide individuals who have more recently built up their own, we have real depth in understanding the issues faced.

Our expertise, built up over decades, allows us to advise every client according to their own unique circumstances to find the solution that works for them and their families. We provide a wide range of specialist services including wealth management, trusts, tax planning and family office services.

Assets take many forms and we work with an outstanding and varied client base of entrepreneurs and family businesses, farmers and landowners, owners of heritage property and other high net worth individuals in Scotland and beyond.

You may be seeking to protect your wealth following death or on relationship breakdown, from business risk or to pass it safely into the hands of the next generation. Decisions about who is to receive what and how best to protect and manage those assets are key to proper succession planning. Our team of specialist advisers will form a strong understanding of your particular needs and put in place bespoke solutions to assist with your immediate priorities and long-term goals.

Trusts can be a useful mechanism for asset protection and tax planning and we provide specialist help on all aspects of trust law, tax and administration to those looking to set up trusts, trustees of existing trusts or to trust beneficiaries themselves. Trusts will arise in many walks of life, including in succession planning, financial planning, pensions and life insurance and commercial business.

Our team of Law Society of Scotland accredited specialists in trust law, members of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners and Chartered Tax Advisors is one of the largest in Scotland and vastly experienced in all areas of trust law and practice. We can also advise on trust and succession issues that may arise as a result of Brexit.

We will share our experience and expertise with you to provide the most innovative and pragmatic ideas.

With the law of succession in Scotland currently undergoing reform, we keep a close eye on how the changes will impact on our clients as they plan for their families‘ futures.

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