Making a Will is the first step in ensuring that your intentions for the future are brought into being after your death. Wills are something which are often not at the forefront of people’s mind, but the difficulty that a family left behind can face when there is no Will cannot be underestimated.

Whatever the circumstances, young or old, sudden or expected, it is a difficult time for everyone. The expertise which we bring to planning ahead and dealing with the estate later is second to none. Our service is not just about the law, it is about understanding our clients’ needs and wishes and bringing peace of mind in a compassionate way.

When a loved one passes away, there are certain steps that have to be taken to transfer the assets from the person who has died to the people who are entitled to receive them.

Having a well drafted Will lets you make your own choices about who will be dealing with your estate, who receives what and when. In Scotland there are certain legal rights that a spouse or civil partner and children have which can complicate matters, and which can sometimes be overlooked. We can advise on the pitfalls and help you to reach your preferred solutions.

Tax planning and succession, transfer and use of assets, investment advice all form part of the specialist service we provide when helping you to draft a Will.

Wills and executries and all the related issues that arise from them are a big part of what we do and our aim is to guide clients through the transition as smoothly as possible.

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